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Centre member’s featured car

This month we have Malcolm’s car on display. It’s a 1966 Plus 4 with Triumph 2138cc engine, twin SU carbs and a four-speed Moss gearbox. The colour is Kingfisher Blue which is the original colour when it left the factory. Malcolm bought it in 2008 from a retiring marine, who lived in Yeovil and had owned the car since 1975. He rebuilt it in 1989-1990 on a new chassis, brought from the factory. During the time Malcolm has owned the car, he has only done small jobs, changed the brake master cylinder, brake light switch and removed the cowl off the back as it was getting rusty. He has used it a few times abroad and for trips with in the UK. Like all Morgan owners he keeps it clean and says: It is a enjoyable car to drive and is always a topic people like to talk about. It proudly wears the Staffordshire Centre badge.

Never mind the Miscellany magazine cover, if you have a great picture of your Morgan to share on this website, please email it to me, together with some words about the car, using the Send Email button on the left.