Morgan Sports Car Club Staffordshire Centre

The Morgan Sports Car Club is for enthusiasts of the four-wheel Morgan cars and is commonly known as the MSCC. Within the MSCC are a number of official "Centres". These are regionally-based with the intention of allowing members to meet up on a regular basis.

The Centre produces a monthly newsletter "Burble and Blat" containing news, reviews and information about forthcoming Centre events. This is sent to all Centre members.


The MSCC Staffordshire Centre's first meeting was organised by Grahame Turner in the Woolpack, Weston in September, 1974. In those days there were just twelve centres or sub-centres, so members travelled further afield to attend noggins. The centre prospered for about four years but lost direction and became inactive.

In May 1986, a letter in Miscellany asked for any members living in the Stoke/Stafford area interested in setting up a new centre to contact Dave Whitworth. The seed was sown for the revival of the Staffordshire Centre. The inaugural meeting was held at The Crown, Aston, Stone, with seven Morgans attending.

On 21st September 1986, Staffordshire formally asked the MSCC NCM for recognition as a centre and with approval, the rebirth was complete. The centre membership grew over time, slowly at first. In the 1990's it had a particularly active group of members in Staffordshire and Shropshire. This energy was put into organising the MOG93 event at Weston Park and taking a significant role in the MOG96 event at Himley.